The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is making its way onto the Australian market with rather the same technology changes as in Europe, which are quite significant as opposed to the 2015 YM.

From a visual standpoint, the design of the all-new Grand Cherokee suffered little changes, the body styling remaining almost the same as it first came out in 2011. Instead, it gets new exterior colors, such as Velvet Red, Ivory Tri-coat and Redline, while the cabin received updated acoustic glass.

Other important changes refer to the new electric power steering configuration, which will make it extremely efficient in terms of CO2 emissions, the model now burning out 14 gm/km less than the previous generation.

Along with the new electric power steering comes the new choice of selectable driving modes, the driver now getting to choose between the Sport, Comfort and Normal modes.

In terms of safety features, the model received an updated T-bar e-shift gear lever, the carmaker naming the new shifter a “more substantial premium gear lever”. Because of the malfunctioning of the e-shift gear affecting the car last year, there were around 1.1 million cars recalled to factory, with incidents to report casualties as well.