With your car being an extension of yourself, it’s so much more than just a vehicle to get from one point to the other. As with your house, your clothes, and the things that you buy, your car is one of the biggest forms of self-expression there is. Especially when it comes to young, working professionals, your car sends a message to the people in your circle, and is a way for you to non-verbally share a bit of your personality.

Statistically, young men tend to choose cars that are representative of who they are and what they like. So if you’re looking for something stylish, but still within your budget, these cars should fit the bill.

Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang

. This vintage yet modern ride still conveys messages of the driver being a true car enthusiast with a penchant for freedom. The cool guy vibes radiate off of this car. With so much of its look rooted in history, your car doesn’t just look great, but it has a long-standing reputation for affordability, reliability and top of the line engineering.

Getting that sports car aesthetic but at a price that is manageable, your Ford Mustang gives you value as well as being fun to drive. Some additional perks are the range of models that appeal to a variety of different tastes and the fully customizable options. You also get to join a historic community of mustang owners and lowers. Indeed, tickets to car shows that are included in your ownership.

Volkswagen CC

For those who want the sleekness of premium vehicles for a price that’s affordable, the Volkswagen CC is a stylish option that’s sure to turn heads. With a sweeping roofline, dramatic body detailing, low-to-the-ground stance and elegant frameless side windows, this coupe is expressive and full of personality.

Equipped with tech like , the CC doesn’t just look good but is contemporary enough for the modern professional. With a history rooted in security, safety, and longevity, this car is affordable, attractive, and has the goods to back up the aesthetic.

Chevrolet Impala

This sedan is the quiet champion, the one that doesn’t need to show-off, but let’s itself do the talking. Available in just one model – a full-size, four-door sedan – the Impala has three trim levels – LS, LT, and Premier – with a six-speed automatic transmission. This car represents devotion, practicality, quality, and athleticism.

The sleek profile of the car is countered by the surprising spacious interior cabin. With limo-grade backseat room and 19 cubic feet of trunk space, this car transitions perfectly from weekday work car to weekend road trips. A smooth and quiet ride, this sedan is made for highways, pounding the pavement efficiently, but taking corners as swiftly as a sports-car. With such style and functionality, it’s no wonder it’s popular with young male drivers.

Audi A3

Getting a bit more premium now, the Audi A3 is a compact, handsome package. With the exact German engineering we love, the fit, finish and steering are superb. This car is available in a sedan or two-door soft-top convertible, with backup camera, 10-speaker audio, adaptive cruise control and infotainment system.

For the young professional looking to make a statement and ride with the big leagues (but also wants to remain budget-conscious), the Audi A3 is best described as “.”

Mazda 3

A favourite amongst many young, male professionals, the Mazda 3 is excellent at combining style, dynamics, and value. Choose from either a sedan or hatchback, this slick six-speed manual or automatic is responsive, handles well and can handle the curves of any road. With it’s amazing value for money, add-ons like navigation, traffic-sign recognition and heated seats are luxuries you can afford and should. This car is for the smart, practical guy who loves to hit the road on the weekends and just drive. Zoom away in your Mazda 3 and let the car speak for you.

Whichever of these great cars you choose, remember: your car is a reflection of who you are. Don’t settle for just any old clunker. Now is the time to invest yourself and drive away in a car that will have you looking and feeling great!