If you would build boats and you won’t have a clue about how to make it look sensational, what would you do? Well, you would probably take an aggressive sports car design and reinterpret it in a boat-like way.

It’s now quite the case here: Cigarette Racing isn’t a newcomer in the world of boats. On the contrary, their vast experience allows them to design and engineer high performance boats in an exceptional way. For 2016 Miami International Boat Show, they worked together with Mercedes-AMG to develop the supreme racing-luxury boat. It uses the Mercedes AMG GT3 style and some of its motorsport technology.

So what are the similarities? First, the powerful engines: the Mercedes-AMG model is powered by a highly modified 6.3 liter V8 engine matted to a 7-Speed AMG SpeedShift Dual Clutch gearbox. However, its over 600 hp engine isn’t as impressive as the pair of huge Mercury engines, developing 1.100 hp each! However, they have to work hard to help the SD GT3’s almost 10 tonne to 160 km/h! It is the most powerful open performance boat ever built by Cigarette Racing. In the Mercedes AMG GT3’s case, its under 1300 kg weight makes it fly to 100 km/h in a vicinity of 3 sec, stopping from acceleration somewhere around 300 km/h.

Beyond the similarities in performance, the styling features matte grey paint with yellow insertions and large AMG badge on the body, while onboard the SD GT3 shows a high level of luxury, with floor built entirely of teak wood, white leather upholstery, three high-definition 17 inch displays and Hi Fi audio system. Not convinced yet? You can admire it until Monday, 15 February at Miami International Boat Show.