The Fiat 500 is a small car that has been designed to appear as a fashion statement everywhere it goes. There are other advantages to it but let’s face it, the retro looks are the main selling point. As i said, it strikes you as runway material where ever it goes and the latest destination for the super mini is Japan.

Fiat 500 Arancia
Fiat 500 Arancia

Yep, customers from The land of the Rising Sun will be able to get their hands on the version presented above, albeit in a limited run of 300 units.

This particular limited edition is named the 500 Arancia (to my surprise isn’t a manga character name) which means “Orange”, in Italian. I’m guessing most of you can’t read Japanese so i’ll fill you in on the Fiat 500 Arancia and its offerings: the orange finish on the outside and the dashboard panel and that would be most important as fashion breaths colors.

Other than that you get as standard a chrome package and 15-inch alloys wrapped in 185/55 rubber but these are available on any other version of the 500 as options so no revolution there. In fact, the only really important bit about this car that isn’t fashionable is the fact that all 300 units of the 500 Arancia will have a dualogic automatic transmission.

Fiat 500 Arancia Fiat 500 Arancia Fiat 500 Arancia Fiat 500 Arancia