Acura will recall 167,000 units of TSX model in service because of problems with the hose of the power steering’s pump. Acura will make a recall in U.S. of 167,000 units due to problems with power steering hose from the pump. Acura will recall in service the TSX model produced between 2004 and 2008 which has a 2.4 liter four-cylinder in-line engine.

Acura TSX

Mechanical repairs that will make Acura will be to replace the hose, the fittings and the fluid for the power steering pump. Brand’s officials said that is possible the premature wear of the hose due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures under the hood.

Because of this, the hose may crack following the power steering pump fluid to flow, thus becoming a potential smoke or fire generator. Also, Acura officials said that all the repair costs will be borne by the company. At the middle of April, Acura recalled several hundred ZDX units in service due to problems arising on the side airbag.