In order to create virtual reality glasses that can be used while driving, the German manufacturer and Meta have teamed up.

In recent years, automakers have made an effort to incorporate MR (mixed reality) and VR (virtual reality) technology into their vehicles. Audi revealed that certain of its model lineup will include Holoride VR technology last year.

BMW is also developing a comparable project. The Bavarian automaker has been searching for ways to integrate VR technology into its vehicles for the past ten years, but the gadgets have frequently been hindered by the movement of the vehicle.

The Munich-based builder now asserts that Meta, the business formerly known as Facebook up until 2021, assisted in finding a solution to the issue.

A VR glasses concept that can distinguish between events occurring inside and outside the car has been created by BMW and Meta.

Claus Dorrer, head of the technology division at the BMW Group, stated that “we are considering a number of potential scenarios for the use of XR devices in cars,” including helping the driver find the car in a crowded parking lot, warning him of potential road hazards, and giving him crucial information about the condition of the vehicle.

Additionally, these virtual reality tools will allow for both gaming and meditation practice.

Additionally, they will be able to point out other sites, restaurants, and other places of interest. “The implications of future AR glasses and VR devices – for both passengers and drivers – are promising,” said Dorrer in his conclusion.