Buying or leasing your next car is a common question for families, especially for those that have the capability of owning more than one car. This question is simple, but, making a good choice is very tricky and requires careful consideration. It is best to take into account the benefits of each option.

Buying your next car

Buying a car can be expensive, which means you must have a good reason to buy it. You will also need to pay for its ongoing maintenance.

a) To buy a new car requires instant cash flow in most cases, because whether you will buy it with cash or pay in instalments with finance, that often require a down payment.

b) Getting finance on a new car requires many documents. In addition to bank details etc, to secure finance often needs proof of earnings and a good credit score.

Leasing your next car

Leasing a car is a better option for those people who want to have a car, but, will only use it for a specific things or limited mileage. Leasing your next car will bring you some advantages:
a) Savings. Leasing your next car is advantageous to people, who are just using it for a specific purpose. You can also save money with this option because there are no additional maintenance costs. After the lease expires, you can return the car and get a newer car without needing to sell your old one. If however you really like the car you have you can choose to buy it at the end of the lease term.

b) Flexibility. This option will bring you flexibility to choose exactly the type of car you will need. If you will need a luxury car, choose one and lease it. If you want an SUV for off road activities, you can just choose one and lease it. When leasing, it is often a cheaper way to get a more expensive vehicle.

c) Assurance of a well maintained car. Since the maintenance costs are included in the lease, they are always well maintained and safe to use.

If you want a good all-round car . Why Nissan? Nissan is one of the best car making companies in the world for offering a good combination of features and value. They are known for their quality and most popularly known for its good air-conditioning design. Nissan has a variety of car models and types, such as: sports cars, luxury cars, SUV’s and economy cars – everything that you will need in a car. Leasing a Nissan vehicle, is a safe bet for a great driving experience, for you and your passengers.