We know from 2015 the innovative ideas of Harald Krueger about the digitalization of the automotive industry. He talks, several times, about what we could name “the interconnectivity” between man and his car. Krueger is very enthusiastic about the idea: “Just imagine you get into your car and it recognizes straight away what mood you`re in, probably quicker than your spouse.”

So, while Tesla envisions an electrical car for every man, BMW responds to another demand of people: having a companion on the road. And let`s confess: this is not a negligible aspect and neither one that should surprise us very much, in our age.
The last years, the new technologies had in view cameras for racing that could measure the speed or the braking distance, digital watches, hydrogen supply or a soft to update your car.

This new idea of a car-companion is more than suitable and it takes our imagination further, in the vast domain of the artificial intelligence.
Man will always be exposed at mistakes, due the complexity of his psychic and we have to admit that he remains vulnerable, especially in stressful situations, no matter how high would be his level of emotional intelligence.
Plus that, it is more than welcome the idea of a companion that will keep your attention alive on the road or when you are tired, preventing you from a possible accident.

So, if you are used to talk with your car, now you will have the opportunity to get back a response from it! Don`t laugh! It could result a great dialog, since your car will know your mood and it will give you some advices to solve your state of mind.
Given that a car will never feel human emotions, we could learn from it how to stay detached, to be able to solve our problems or challenges.

We say welcome to this idea of “car-mate” and we look forward to see it with our own eyes!