Chevrolet brought to Geneva some of its finest sports cars. Amongst them, the world premiere of Corvette Grand Sport and the all-new, more European-pointed Camaro.

Let’s focus on the king: the Corvette. The Grand Sport version will be available in US starting this summer and in Europe from September. It takes advantage of the Corvette Racing experience, combining a very light chassis with track-originated aerodynamic elements and a proper naturally aspirated engine. In Z07 package, it offers an impressive 1.2g cornering capability, thanks to its racey suspension and the wider track.

Another Corvette version, the Stingray, is less related to the track, offering a greater connectivity and other enhancements for personalization: there are three new color-editions available in 2016, called Twilight Blue, Spice Red and Jet Black Suede. The common element is the muscular V8, 6.2l engine, offering in standard configuration 466 hp and 630 Nm. Though it accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, the new Stingray isn’t all about straight lines, as it reaches 1.03g in cornering. In Germany, the price list starts from € 79.500, but keep in mind that the automatic transmissions, the convertible version and the multiple possibilities of personalization will raise its price.

The mighty Corvette Z06 is half a race car, half a street supercar. It has never been built a more powerful Corvette in its entire history. In brief, Chevrolet took the lightest and most rigid aluminum space frame, matted it with the 6.2l V8 engine and added a supercharger. The result is a proper supercar, developing 659 hp and 881 Nm of torque. More, it’s not even overpriced compared to its performance, since it prices start from € 114.500. However, if the Z06 doesn’t reach your expectations, there is an even more track-oriented version available, called C7.R. It is based on the last year’s Le Mans winning car, and it features a different chassis architecture, more advanced engine technologies, aerodynamic elements borrowed from the racing world and carbon ceramic brakes. Only 500 units will be built, and the price will start at € 139.000 in Germany.