I’ve been expecting this moment for a loooong time. That’s because I hardly thought that a hypercar will be able to beat Veyron’s straight line performances. You can imagine now that I can’t wait to write about the Chiron’s successor!

It’s hard to describe in words the supreme performances of the Chiron, so I’ll let the numbers talk: 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, top speed limited (!) to 420 km/h. On paper, if the limitation is removed, Chiron could reach 460 km/h, therefore becoming the fastest production car in the history! The engine is a W16, 8 litre, quad-turbo, developing a peak power of 1.500 hp. Sooo…how could Bugatti squeeze 500 more hp from the same engine size? First, the turbines are 30 percent larger than the old ones. Then, the titanium-made exhaust is less restrictive, while the inner parts of the engine have been completely redesigned.

In order to put all the 1.600 Nm (available from 2.000 rpm!) to the ground, Bugatti chose a 7-speed automatic transmission, able to resist the huge amount of torque. It moves all the four Michelin tyres, especially made for Chiron: 285/30 R20 in front and 355/25 R21 at the rear axle. Because I feel you yearning for more numbers, here they are: the cooling system for the turbochargers needs 60.000 liters of air every minute, while the engine cooling water pump moves 800 liters of water. To stop the beast, there have been fitted ceramic and carbon brakes, titan calipers and 28 pistons. Let’s talk about Chiron’s availability, because there are many of us who wonder if they can afford one. There is good news: the price is only 2.4 million euros, and two thirds of the 500 cars are still available to order.