Startups have completely changed the market dynamics. The effect of the small new companies is such that established manufacturers have been finding it hard to compete with them. Companies like Toyota, Porsche, and even Tesla have a strong base, but not someone like Rivian. The company is based on American soil and it came into existence in 2009. Now more than 10 years after being in business, Rivian has decided to open 10 new showrooms to satisfy its ever-expanding customer base.

Currently, all the Rivian vehicle orders are made online on their website. The method works best but it seems that the EV startup wants to make an impact in the conventional market as well. The more it is able to penetrate the contemporary market the more it will increase its sales. The 10 new showrooms will provide buyers with a hands-on experience with Rivian cars. Such an experience was not possible before.

However, Rivian doesn’t want their space to be called a showroom as they believe in providing a satisfying customer experience at their locations. Hence, the ‘showrooms’ will be based more on providing a top-notch retail experience. What this entails is yet to be known but it is true that Rivian has thought of doing something unconventional.

The first of ten dealerships will open in Chicago, Illinois. The showroom will open up near the Fulton Market inside the city. The Chicago location was not chosen at random, but rather there is a reasoning behind it.

Tony Caravano, Rivian’s Senior Director of customer experience has said, “As we prepare to deliver our first vehicles this summer, we’re working to establish physical locations where people can experience Rivian in person. With a high concentration of Rivian pre-order customers, Chicago is a key location for us, and Fulton Market is a vibrant neighborhood and a great fit. Our vehicles are Illinois-built and we’re looking forward to sharing them with this community.”

The first batch of Rivian vehicles will roll out in June starting with the pickup truck. The SUV deliveries will soon follow.