The electric and hybrid market has been in full bloom for a while now, with more big players, like BMW, joining the fray.

Yet not everyone thinks it is quite time to jump on board with the alternative fuel current.

Fiat and Chrysler
Fiat and Chrysler

Bob Lee, Fiat and Chrysler exec says that for now, the companies won’t be building any electric or hybrid cars. While Fiat already has the 500e EV, it is available only in California, a state that has a special status when it comes to electric cars.

It seems that behind the decision stands the buyer’s attitude towards EVs. While everybody loves going green, the technology is still quite expensive and the infrastructure flimsy at best.

The course set for Fiat and Chrysler will bring more efficient diesels and lower capacity gasoline engines. Just like most of the industry they will downsize and turbocharge.

But when the times come for them to finally take the seemingly inevitable step towards electricity, will it be too late for the companies? Most other players will have already established a legacy in the sector, possibly making it harder for anyone new to get a piece of the electric cake. Time will tell.