Let’s imagine the next scenario: how would it be if one day we could get into a warm car early in a winter morning, drive it on a free road, reserve one hour before the parking place, extend the parking reservation, and many more only by using the smartphone? Ford figured this out, and is currently working with the cloud-based software technology leader Pivotal at an extensive program. We’ll be able to use it in just over two months.

The new software platform, called FordPass, will allow the company to rapidly add new applications and mobility solutions for the users. At the beginning, the free FordPass platform will offer four benefits to the consumers: Marketplace (for parking and sharing), FordGuides (for efficient routes), Appreciation (to appreciate members’ loyalty) and FordHubs (a place to experiment Ford’s latest innovations). FordPass will make also possible to remotely start the car, lock it, unlock it and locate it. All these features are a base for the future Ford’s mobility services. With Pivotal’s help and knowledge, Ford will continuously develop and improve the design and features of the existing platform. FordPass will be launched in April, and it’s going to be completely free of charge. The only thing required is online registration. A remarkable thing: there’s no need to own a Ford car to be able to use FordPass.

This is only the beginning. Ford plans to develop more programs based on FordPass. An example is Dynamic Shuttle, which will be first tested by its employees in Dearborn, Michigan. It will allow any commuter to request a ride via mobile. The platform will determine immediately the shuttle that suites best, without extending the travel time of the already existing riders. The result, containing the pick-up time and the trip’s duration is sent back to the rider and, if he accepts, the shuttle will take the most efficient route to pick-up place. Another future Ford project is called GoDrive, and it’s addressed exclusively to the Londoners. Using it, they can access a fleet of Ford cars for one-way ride with easy, guaranteed parking in the city. The fleet will contain 50 cars (including some zero-emission Focus Electric) placed in 20 different locations, and the price will be calculate per minute of travel, all fees included. And that’s not all: FordPass is only a part of Ford Smart Mobility, the Americans’ plan to become a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics. A bit scary, ain’t it?