Of course, Honda S2000 is one of the most brilliant roadsters ever made. It revs like a sports motorcycle, it looks as simple as it can be and it’s balanced like a race car (with its perfect 50/50 weight distribution).

If you own one and you’re not happy with its suspension, Air Lift Performance just unleashed a new kit able to upgrade your beauty’s handle. First of all, it’s ready to be installed, as there are no modifications necessary. In the front, the fully adjustable shock absorbers operate as smooth as possible thanks to their high quality spherical bearings. Mount them and you’ll drop your beauty’s ground clearance by 10cm. In the rear, a 12cm drop along with a comfortable ride can be reached using progressive rate air springs. The damping adjusters are remotely controlled to ensure an easy settings change.

However, this is not only the kind of show-off suspension: tested on the track, it gives the best possibly handling and a great amount of fine-tuning the ride, thanks to 30 levels of damping adjustment. If however there’s a speed bumper in the way, the S2000 can get back to the factory height at only a push of the button.

The interesting fact: Air Lift Performance claims that if you’re able to wire a stereo, you should be able to install this kit! Before being on sale, the kit was tested to 1 million cycles, at temperatures between -50°C to 65°C. If this ain’t torture, I don’t know what it is! You can buy it in the US for $1,125.

Source: airliftperformance.com