It’s not what you think, the Koreans aren’t about to move production to the boot shaped country. Instead, some Italians decided to help the little South Korean hatchbacks with a little bit of a make over.

Hyundai by Fiorucci
Hyundai by Fiorucci

The name of the Italians in question isn’t that important. But what is important is that as a group they can be summarized as Milanese fashion brand Fiorucci.

What the Milanese fashion brand has in store for the cheap little hatchbacks is very stylish yet very reminding of some old small Fiat hatchbacks. Besides that, the people over at Fiorucci plan to add a few expensive touches here and there.

First of all, the stylish bit is limited on both cars to some subtle yet desirable two tone color combinations for both the interior and the exterior with some of them being quite bold (like the Sleek Silver + Verde Lime version) but somehow not disturbing.

When we turn to the interior of either the Hyundai i10 or the i20 we find the same treatment applied to the seat upholstery, dashboard trim, door panels, gearshift knob and even the floor mats.

The most important treats you can get for the Hyundai i10 you can have a very nice retractable softop and a very capable Park Assist system with that adds a 4.5 inch monitor to the rear view mirror which feeds information directly from a rear mounted camera.

You can have all of this and the 1.1 liter three-cylinder gasoline engine Hyundai i10 it’s fitted to for no more than €10,990 in Italy.

If you’re interested in the bigger i20 you should know that a 1.2 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, all the styling mods and that rear view camera for no more than €14,990 from an Italian dealer. Sadly that doesn’t include a fold away roof you can have with the i10 but it does feature a dual glass sunroof.

Hyundai by Fiorucci Hyundai by Fiorucci Hyundai by Fiorucci Hyundai by Fiorucci Hyundai by Fiorucci