From 5 to 7 February 2016 will take place in Bremen, Germany a very special motor show: „Die 70er: Einfach Keil” . This is an exhibition dedicated to car models designed or manufactured in the 1970s.

Because I love classic cars, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you about it. It’s going to be a big event that marks the start of the classic car season. It will be a big one, too: over 600 exhibitors will show off their 70s auto market related products. The show will take place on a 45000 square meters surface, and no less than 8 halls.

The Italians will exhibit some outstanding products, like Lamborghini Countach, Maserati Khamsin and the 70s three times World Rally Championship, Lancia Stratos. Alfa Romeo, one of the most charismatic Italian car makers couldn’t miss the party: they’ll bring Caimano. If you didn’t hear anything about this model, it’s normal: it never went in production because it’s a concept car. It was built starting from Alfasud’s chassis shortened by 20cm and it’s design was signed by Italdesign.

Let’s not forget that Italdesign drew some of the iconic cars in history: Vw Golf 1, 1973’s Vw Passat and more recent Alfa Romeo Brera and 159. Today, Camiano is owned by Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. It was never meant to become a production car. First public apparition was in 1971, at the Turin Motor Show, where it’s wedge form stunned the visitors. The design was way ahead of it’s time: 2 seats covered by a glass dome and plenty of visibility, thanks to the lack of A pillar.

The interior was also revolutionary, with a cylindrical shape and unusual controls. Like the chassis, the engine was borrowed from Alfasud and developed 68 HP from a 1.2 litre displacement.