During this winter, Jeep climbed the mountains in search of their cars’ limits. Now it’s time to draw the line and look back at this campaign’s results. And they can be happy, at the results are looking interesting!

The tour traveled to some of the exclusive European skiing resorts, to satisfy its adventurous spirit and to show the car’s skills in front of the potential customers. The mountain resorts visited were Gstaad (Switzerland), Megeve (France), Montafon (Austria) and Selva Val Gardena (Italy). All of them offered the perfect conditions Jeep hoped for, with plenty of snow and ice. Starting with January 13, over 2.600 people had the possibility of participating at test drives with the most iconic models made by Jeep. The route totalized more than 2.700 km and involved many cars: at the beginning of each stage, eleven cars were available to test. A Jeep Wrangler, three Cherokee, three Renegade and four Grand Cherokee have been put to over 2.500 tests, covering over 12.000 km. A special Jeep model, customized by Mopar, was shown in every location.

However, during the tour, there weren’t only test drives, but also the Renegade Skiing Experience. More, in every resort, the tourists had the opportunity of testing the Italy-built Renegade on ice-covered tracks. As a part of Jeep Ice Experience, the visitors took driving lessons from the Jeep driving instructors, which helped them to handle the SUV in extreme slippery conditions. Finally, the Jeep Skiing Experience allowed everyone to ski while being towed by a Jeep SUV.