Jeep’s Pickup revival is still pretty far away

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  1. Bob
    January 9, 2011

    I don’t see this vehicle really hurting Ram sales, sure some chrysler loyalists might chose it instead of their next 1500 but the company would still be getting their money. What it would do is siphon off plenty of Tacoma and ranger sales. They should make this and drop the dakota if anything.

    Maybe the American automotive industry would be in better shape if they listened to the public instead of telling people what they will or won’t buy. I’ve never seen so much positive feedback on a concept, that would share so many parts with current production, completely ignored. I would love one of these, then again I’d also like a 4cyl diesel in it, according to Chrysler focus groups I’m an anomaly. Better off introducing yet another crossover/ suv into the lineup.


  2. Lupica G.
    January 9, 2011

    The points in favor of probably outweigh those against, but this is a public view.

    Business doesn’t always come out the same way at the other end.

    I’m not completely familiar on the intrinsic nature of the American market but I can’t see the point in having the same brand produce different variations of the same body shape over and over again when each company could have one of each.

    After all, VW has shown that even though it has many cars under its umbrella that are basically in the same size, engine and close pricing department they all sell well.


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