When we talk about Lamborghini, most are interested in the newly arrived Huracan, which has made quite a bit of noise.

But it’s nice to break the rut once in while and this Aventador-based concept, bearing the name Kamakura, is just the thing to do it.

Kamakura Lamborghini Aventador Concept
Kamakura Lamborghini Aventador Concept

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this is actually an invention for the Carmageddon game, and not a real car ready for the road. Born of the minds of Casborn Styling Group, this widebody concept is quite a few degrees meaner than the normal Aventador.

I say this knowing that any given Lamborghini is not a bland machine that would just go unnoticed going down a street, not even the Aventador. And still the Kamakura manages to take it that much farther. The only two other Lamborghini that are more aggressive have to be the Veneno and Egoista.

But to prove the build is not just for show, under the bonnet around 1.500 horses will be unleashed, courtesy of a powerful twin turbo system. Unfortunately, the 1.500 Hp Aventador will only be built in 6 units, but the Kamakura will also come with the standard motivation, and in bigger numbers (around 30 units).