Lada Xray…a name that makes me think of science. Well, inspite of it’s name, Xray isn’t such a scientific car. It relies on the typical low-cost recipe: a compact, but roomy 5 doors hatchback, with a bigger ground clearance, for the bad roads.

It can be equipped with two solid built gasoline engines, but still nothing special here: 1.6l, 110hp and 1.8l, 122hp. However, I can’t say it’s a simple, cheap design: the chrome elements, LED day-running lights and the shapes on the door’s surfaces makes it look pretty stylish for a low-cost car. Yesterday, Lada announced the price range for the new model. In Russia, prices start from 589k rubles, about 7800 USD. The sales will begin on 14 February (with love, from Lada?) and at the beginning there will be commercialized only across Russia.

Optima, the base trim level, is powered by the 1.6l, 106hp engine and includes safety features like 2 airbags, electronic stability control and Hill Start Aid. It also offers some interesting features for such a low price: LED day-running lights, car central locking system remotely controlled via folding key, 16” alloy wheels and audio system. Let’s face it: the basic version is pretty bundled with safety and comfort features for such a low price.

The next equipment level, Comfort, raises the price at 628k rubles (almost 8300 USD), but also adds front heated seats, air conditioning system and extra 4hp to the engine. Unhappy with 110hp? You can opt for the 1.8l engine, for 653k rubles (8625 USD).

Next, the 1.6l Top version brings you fog lamps, electric and heated mirrors, parking assistant and multimedia navigation system, for 668 k rubles (8820 USD). Lada also offers an automatic gearbox, combined with the 1.8l 122 hp engine, at this trim level for 693k rubles (9150 USD).

Finally, for the most fastidious buyers, there is Prestige package, which offers heated windshield, rear view camera, light and rain sensors and automatic air conditioning system. This top of the range version is priced at 698k rubles (9220 USD) for the 1.6l engine and 723k rubles (9550 USD) for the 1.8l engine.