Jaguar and Land Rover have announced that their global sales in April rose by 61% to a total of 17,909 units worldwide. After crossing a very difficult period, Jaguar and Land Rover British group went on a roll, managed to tick excellent results last month, worldwide. Sales of the two builders in the UK rose by 61 percent in April compared to same period last year.

Jaguar and Land Rover

Globally, April recorded 17,909 units sold for the British manufacturers. Of these, 3559 copies have worn Jaguar logo, a number identical to the last year, even if the X-Type model has disappeared from the range. There was a special contribution from XF model, whose sales climbed by 23 percent.

On the other hand, Land Rover saw a real explosion of orders, dealers delivering with 89% more cars than in April 2009, we are talking about 14,350 units wearing the Land Rover logo. The new direction that the British group is heading is largely due to the contribution of Carl Foster, former president of GM Europe Division.