Mazda has had a rough period in the US lately, with 15% sales down and only 104,713 units sold. That might have been due to some production restrains.

Since the Japanese car manufacture really knows how strategy works, the company announced that a new plant would be built in Salamanca, Mexico, to provide extra sales for a market that hasn’t been marked before.

Mazda 3 (8)
Mazda 3

More than that, the automaker would save a lot of money, since the plant is being built on a cheap ground, and that would make things easier to sell the car in the rest of the US.

Tom Carey, the chairman of Mazda`s national dealer council stated that the company would increase the sales up to $20 due to Mexico inventory. The new plant would enter production this month.

Mazda 3 (10)
Mazda 3

With the new plant being built, Mazda will be on tracks and predicts to exceed 300,000 total sales in the US for 2014 alone, with the highest percentage figures since 1994, when the car manufacturer succeeded in selling 375,000 units.

Mazda 3 (7)
Mazda 3

By the year 2016, the Japanese car manufacturer is expected to sell more than 400,000 units in the US alone. The news might end up well, especially with the latest products like Mazda3 and Mazda6 sedan.