Even if the McLaren MP4-12C has disappeared forever, the aftermarket specialists from the DMC tuning company wanted to pay a last tribute, by tuning up the supercar with the Velocita Wind Edition.

The German experts from the DMC tuning company have upgraded the McLaren MP4-12C supercar with their Velocita Wind Edition package.

McLaren MP4-12C Velocita Wind Edition by DMC
McLaren MP4-12C Velocita Wind Edition by DMC

The McLaren MP4-12C with the Velocita Wind Edition package from DMC was introduced on the model last year, with the DMC to release some images of the supercar, which is now owned by a Saudi Arabian.

The Velocita Wind Edition from DMC includes a lot of goodies, like a new front spoiler lip or the F1-style canards with a center “sword.”

The DMC has also updated the side skirts, while at the rear, the aftermarket specialists have also modified the diffuser and introduced a lightweight spoiler.

But mostly symbolic for the supercar, is the rear wing, which has been specially customized to receive the wind flow from the upgraded roof-mounted scoop.

Other features include carbon fiber body inserts, titanium exhaust system, while inside, the cabin has been all wrapped with high-end Italian leather upholstery.