A fresh report from Wrecked Exotics came up with a Ferrari Enzo supercar being crashed by a mechanic while trying to enter the freeway in Stamford, C T.

A Ferrari Enzo is ending up in our news again, while the supercar was heading towards Stamford and trying to make its way on the freeway, when it collided with a vehicle being driven by a mechanic.

Mechanic Crashes Ferrari Enzo on Freeway
Mechanic Crashes Ferrari Enzo on Freeway

According to the same Wrecked Exotics, the Ferrari Enzo was owned by Michael Fux, who is also the owner of other 129 cars, 25 of them being Ferrari models alone, so it seems that this model will not be missed from his own private collection.

Some worldwide reports have recently stated that the Ferrari Enzo seen here, is actually the company`s number 25 to be involved in a crash accident.

The Ferrari Enzo has only been produced in 400 units at the Italian based automaker`s plant in Maranello, the model being produced between 2002 and 2004.

The Ferrari Enzo was built in a two-seat Berlinetta body, sporting a mid-rear engine alongside a rear-wheel drive system.