Ford brings the new Ranger in Europe. Is more stylish, more economical and bundled with technology. It’s even better than the old one.

The timing is perfect: the new Ranger is launched on the old continent when Ford became Europe’s No. 1 selling pickup in 2015. There were 27,300 units sold last year, 27% more than in 2014. One of the new generation’s goals is to be more efficient: fine-tuned engines, Start-Stop Technology and Electric Power Assist work together to reduce the fuel consumption to 17% compared to the current Ranger. For instance, the 160PS 2.2TDCI model will average 6.5l/100km, down from 7.8l/100km in the outgoing model.

We find the same 2.2TDCI engines, but the power rose up to 130PS (from 125PS), and 160PS (from 150PS). Top of the range is a five-cylinder 3.2TDCI producing 200PS. The lowest powered engine can be combined only with the six-speed manual gearbox, while the other two may be ordered with manual or automatic transmission. All models can be fitted with 4WD system, but the 2.2TDCI engine can be also paired with rear wheel drive.

Some advanced active security systems are available: Hill Launch assist (helps the start from a slope), Hill Descendent Control, Emergency Brake Assistance. There are tonnes of on-road active systems also: Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Alert, Traffic Sign Recognition, Front and Rear Park Assist, Rear View Camera, and a standard Electronic Stability Control.

Let’s not see in Ranger only a brute ready to haul logs and carry heavy duty load. I think it looks stylish and bold, showing its both sides: the solid carrier and the confortable car. A quick look at the interior, and we discover a luxury SUV-like cabin, wrapped in leather and garnished with displays.

In the end, what made from Ranger the best-selling pickup in Europe is exactly this unique combination of robustness, refinement and agility.