The Volkswagen German based automaker is on the verge of launching a new generation of the Phaeton model, the full-size luxury sedan that has been promised for so long in the US.

Michael Horn, the chief at the VW`s American unit, stated that the new Phaeton would become available in the US somewhere in 2018 or 2019.

2014 Volkswagen Phaeton
2014 Volkswagen Phaeton

The news come only a month later, after another senior at the VW`s American unit, Heinz-Jakob Neusser, confirmed the upcoming of the next-gen VW Phaeton.

The luxury sedan would be thus based on the MLB platform, which is the next-gen platform of the VW Group. More than that, the MLB platform will be also used on the Audi models.

The new VW Phaeton is rumored to feature some high-tech. like aluminum body, downsized engines, along with some electric motors as well.

Phaeton hasn’t been a higher seller for the VW Group, but it is that luxury sedan that provides a platform for the German automaker, being featured with new technological enhancements that would be also put on the other models, as well as on the Group`s non-traditional brands like Kya or Hyundai.