The next-gen Audi Q5 is soon to come and first details about the crossover have just been rendered, with the vehicle being manufactured at the Audi`s plant in Mexico.

The Audi will be producing the next-gen Q5 starting 2016, the model hitting dealerships in 2017 in about 150,000 units.

Next-Gen Audi Q5 Coming in Details
Next-Gen Audi Q5 Coming in Details

The new Audi Q5 will be riding the company`s MLB Evo platform that will also equip the 2015 Audi Q7 and the Audi A4.

The difference between the MLB Evo platform and the one being used on the current model is that the Evo will “shed weight” due to its multi-material construction that will support electric powertrains as well.

Under the hood, the new Audi Q5 is reported to sport four- and six-cylinder units, while the SQ5 will come up with a V6-liter turbocharged engine.

The next-gen Audi Q5 is also said to come with a plug-in hybrid version, sporting all-wheel drive system, with an electric motor to throttle the rear axle.

Inside, the new Audi Q5 will receive high-tech tweaks, like the new digital gauge cluster, while outside, the car will have more aggressive grille up front.