Nissan has announced that starting with December Nissan dealerships in the US will start selling the Leaf. The 2011 Nissan Leaf is the first mass-produced, all-electric, zero-emission vehicle and will have a starting price of $32.780.

This price comes to terms with federal tax credits worth $7.500 bringing your bill to $25.280 for a new Leaf or even less if you live in a state that offers additional tax credits such as California ($5.000), Georgia ($5.000) or Oregon ($1.500).

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

Another addition to encourage purchases in the US offered by Nissan is the personal charging dock (a bit like your own fuel pump for electricity) and the home assessment by a certified technician to ensure that your garage can handle the device. This service is set to cost Leaf buyers in America around $2200 but there’s another tax credit that comes into play. The purchase and installation of the kit is eligible for a 50% federal tax credit.

If even these prices and offers are a bit out of pocket Nissan also announced that there will be a lease program for the Leaf that will bring costs to around $350 a month for a three year contract.

Preorders can be placed (actually reserved for a $99 completely refundable charge) starting with a April 20 and ordering is officially set to start in August followed by deliveries in December.

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