Don’t mess with the Japanese! When they say a word, it’s word! They promised they’ll unbox the new Leaf at GSMA Mobile World Congress. So they’ve pulled it…out of a box!

It seems that Nissan wants to show in all the possible ways how special is the new Leaf. First, they’ve proved us how it melts a 65 mm thick ice layer. This means that its battery is powerful enough to resist a night in Norway and still have enough energy to melt the huge quantity of ice, at negative outside temperatures. This also shows how powerful is the integrated heater, not to mention that it’s controlled via a smartphone app.

This time, they’ve pulled the Leaf out of a box, making it look more like a mobile device than a car. And frankly it’s no exaggeration, as the new version is equipped with an improved version of Nissan Connect EV infotainment system. Not to mention that it’s an electric vehicle! The new, increased-capacity battery allows the Leaf to obtain a best-in-class range, of up to 250 km. So it can be driven with 26 percent further than the old one at every charge.

Also, owning a Leaf became a more pleasant experience: many of the car’s featured can be accessed and controlled wirelessly. Using a mobile phone, the owner can remotely set timers for charging, access information about the battery status or find charging the nearest station. It can also switch on the climate control and analyze the driving style, including the CO2 saved and the energy usage.