The popular IntelliLink system you must have already heard of is officially announced to come with Opel Insignia Country Tourer and Opel Insignia, two units that should make their debut in September, during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

For those of you who were left a little behind with the information, InetlliLink system is actually an infotainment system that should revolutionize Opel’s dashboard through a simple, clear, user-friendly and intuitive functioning.

Opel Insignia IntelliLink System
Opel Insignia IntelliLink System

The 8-inch touchscreen is more than generous to display whatever function you might want to access through your Opel Insignia, be it a navigation system, a radio channel or your phone agenda. It can even store your favorite contacts and radio frequencies so it will make your life a lot easier.

At this point, you might ask yourself what is so intelligent about Opel IntelliLink system. And the answer resides in its high sensitivity on touch, making possible to use completely new functions: pinch-to-zoom, fast swiping and many more.

Another interesting aspect of the new Opel function is the capability to recognize handwriting. It is placed in a more than comfortable position, it vibrates whenever you touch an option and it really takes your experience with the little touchscreen to a completely new level.