The Range Rover Evoque Convertible looks very bold, with its sculptural lines. However, because sculptural is not enough, the French artist Richard Orlinski made a real sculpture inspired by the model.

Well, technically it isn’t a sculpture. Land Rover describes it as a full-size art installation. Orlinski built it in his studio, situated in Paris and then the piece has been shipped to the Courchevel ski resort. There, it is being displayed during the Born Awards Show, for three month. The wire frame is painted in red and creates an interesting contrast with the snow that covers the steep slopes. An enhanced looks is created by the gorilla that the artist placed in the driver’s position. It is one of its sculptures and it is based on the Born Wild concept. This theme is meant ‘to transform negative emotions into positive vital impulses, to move from primordial instinct to emotion civilized’. It is also t theme defining the Evoque itself, which is born in the wild, but suited for the city driving conditions. The resin gorilla is one of the artist’s favorite sculptures and was chosen to drive the car because it’s related to humans, allowing us to identify with it. It has most of the human qualities, without sharing his faults. Therefore, it can be the perfect human.

If you want to admire the work of art, be sure to visit Courchevel sometime in the following months. If you want to get scared by the onboard gorilla, do it in the night. And if you see two gorillas inside the beautifully built car frame, prepare to run!