They are concept-cars and they look aggressive, each one in its own way. Both of them are based on the bestseller Renault KWID.

With KWID, the French car maker surpassed all their own expectations: they managed to sell over 9,000 units in 4 months only in India. It looks like Fiat Panda’s recipe had been adopted by Renault: let’s remember the Sporting and Climbing versions of the Italian model. The two concepts show the true potential of KWID model: Climber is born to roam over the bumpy streets or off-road, while Racer is more track-connected and feels excellent on curvy roads. Starting from today, at the 2016 New Delhi Auto Show, you can admire them both at Renault stand.

Renault KWID Climber looks like a small-sized SUV, but it remains to be seen if it gets 4 wheel drive traction system. Renault didn’t mention anything about it yet. The main changes over the standard model are bigger ground-clearance and wider track. Its specially designed tire patterns combined with short overhangs will help it in the off-road environment. There are also visual elements that make it look aggressive, from the big bumpers and side protective mouldings to specially designed rims.

Renault KWID Racer is an clearly different concept: it shows-off 18” alloy wheels, sport tires, spoiler and diffuser for improved aerodynamics and superior handling. Racer’s sporty DNA is emphasized by elements like bucket-seats and roll-cage along with Alcantara, alluminium and carbon cockpit. All the track times are being displayed in the center of the dashboard for real-time performance check.