Ever since the first issues of economy crisis showed up last summer the world of motor enthusiasts and brand fanatics alike have been holding their breaths to see what will happen to each of their beloved car maker.

Saab Logo
Saab Logo

The Swedish ones were always of interest and as Saab went to Spyker ownership and, recently, Volvo confirmed being purchased by Geely things seemed to have had settled in that matter.

Apparently not so, we know that GM didn’t manage to come to an agreement with BAIC but somehow Spyker representatives may have been better at dealing with the issue or maybe BAIC have a bit more interest in SAAB now that the Americans are out of the picture.

Allegedly the Chinese maker was only interested at parts of technology from the outgoing 9-3 and 9-5 models and now they’ve upped their game saying that they want to take their partnership with Saab to a whole new level.

Reportedly BAIC has already begun preparation of its dealer network for the selling of new Saab and, as BAIC CEO Wang Dazong stated, the Chinese company is interested in a more durable partnership while also being prepared to invest in the company.

These statements and predictions aren’t yet materialized in a contract of sorts but entry to the emerging Chinese market might just be what Saab needs to redeem itself by meeting the set targets of increased sales by 120.000 and turning to profit by 2012.