When you normally hear anything about the RS badge you will almost certainly consider the Rally Sport term or anything to do with racing.

At Scion however, that means something completely different. With them RS stands for Release Series. This series now has a new entry on their list.

2013 Scion tC RS 8.0 Limited Edition
2013 Scion tC RS 8.0 Limited Edition

The package is focused around the Scion tC model and when fully fitted it’s considerably well priced with the RS 8.0 costing just under 22.000 USD.

The exact price is actually $21.815 and you’ll have to strap an extra $730 for destination charges or, if you wish to, you can ad another 1050 dollars to get yourself an automatic transmission.

These are just nitpicks actually. In reality, Scion’s tC RS 8.0 has more going for it than the low price that’s friendly to folks without deep pockets.

There’s just such a long name it actually sounds cool. That matters more than anything at an young age, the branding on the stuff you own.

With that in mind, you’ll make sure everybody knows that the body kit on your new Scion tC RS 8.0 was created by Five Axis Design.

The fact that you have TRD performance parts may also come up alongside the limited edition factor. Only 2000 cars of this type will ever be made.

2013 Scion tC RS 8.0 Limited Edition
2013 Scion tC RS 8.0 Limited Edition

Getting yourself one at a low price and with all those brand names included matters considerably more than the unimpressive 2.5 liter four pot with 180 horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque.

You might actually get distracted from the fat yourself if you get it in this Absolute Red shade that’s so striking.