Subaru show us their next-generation platform, meant to enhance the cars’ performance. It is still under development, and represents one of Subaru’s six enhancements for the new generation vehicles.

Back in 2014, the Japanese announced the development of a pack for the next models. It is a mid-term project and it’s called “Prominence 2020”. It is going to cooperate with the traditional Subaru systems, like the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and horizontally-opposed engines. Subaru is not shy at all talking about its new platform: it is designed to provide “the world’s highest levels of safety”.

The new platform will offer both comfort and handling performance. The rear stabilizer will be mounted to the body, for a 50% increase of the body roll! The platform will also have an increased rigidity over the current models by 70-100 percent, while lowering the center of gravity. This translates into a highly precise control of the vehicle, with more grip and improved straight line stability. It’s a must for the upcoming autonomous vehicles. The frame structure’s rigidity lowers the resonance and therefore the vibrations onboard, for a superior class comfort and quietness. More, the suspension mounts are designed to be more rigid, for a better filtration of the road surface’s irregularities.

But what about that unparalleled safety level? The active safety is dramatically increased due to a 5 mm lowered center of gravity and the high rigidity. Together, they offer exceptional accident-avoidance capability, similar to the high-performance sports cars. Regarding its passive safety, the extensive use of the high-tensile steel offers a 40 percent increase of the impact energy absorption capabilities. This structure is adapted to all the powertrain types that Subaru could possible develop over the years, including hybrids and electric cars.