The Suzuki has decided to cut off the price tags for its S-Cross lineup in the hot continent Australia, with the version now coming cheaper with 1,000 AUD.

The Suzuki S-Cross decided that the cheapest version, the GL manual, should be less expensive with 1,000 AUD than the previous announced price tag.

Suzuki S-Cross
Suzuki S-Cross

Thus, we might be looking at a price of 22,990 AUD that the Suzuki manufacturer is putting on the market for the S-Cross version.

The company decided to cut off prices in order to increase its sales over the Pacific. The cuts also concern the other versions of the S-Cross.

The S-Cross GL CVT will be available at the price of 25,490 AUD, while the CLX CVT could be yours at 29,990 AUD.

More than that, the cut off also concerns the S-Cross CVT all-wheel drive with a drop down from 33,990 AUD, while with the GLX Prestige CVT AWD gets a more 1,000 AUD price, with a total of 36,990 AUD.

As for the specifications that all the Suzuki S-Cross versions in Australia will be sporting, there are no modifications to be made.