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When you think of Nissan, you think of this innovative Japanese automaker. Nissan has always been able to come up with new ideas. Its vehicle models always stay fresh. This is what you would expect from a Japanese automaker. The styling, the...

By Tudor Sprinceana on Apr 2nd, 2018
New Toyota Supra

Without a doubt, Toyota is one of the most important automakers around the world. The models it produces have caught the eye of millions of people. With this in mind, nobody was surprised by the amount of hype that the announcement of a new...

By Tudor Sprinceana on Mar 12th, 2018
2013 Nissan GT-R

Nissan’s technological tour de force, the amazing GT-R super coupe is bound to get a replacement model, one that’s been scheduled to turn up in 2018. The Japanese car maker kept rather quiet about the way they’re working on...

By Lupica G. on Aug 29th, 2012