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2015 Subaru Impreza

The 2015 Subaru Impreza has been recently announced with some interesting updates, concerning the body style, as well as the interior. The 2015 Subaru Impreza is revived in terms of visuals, as it bears some modifications at the front grille,...

By Eduard Huma on Sep 26th, 2014
2015 Volkswagen Vento

The 2015 Volkswagen Vento is rapidly heading towards India, where the model will hit dealerships in a couple of weeks. It might be strange imagining how the 2015 Volkswagen Vento would look like, but the model is actually the iteration of the...

By Eduard Huma on Sep 25th, 2014
Toyota Camry RZ Special Edition

The Toyota Japanese based automaker has recently introduced the Camry RZ Special Edition in Australia, with the model being available from 31,990 AUD. For that price, the Toyota Camry RZ Special Edition comes with very interesting features,...

By Eduard Huma on Jun 6th, 2014
Ford Fiesta

The cutsy, funky new Fiesta has now got more than two years since it’s been on the market and the chaps at Ford Europe certainly didn’t waste their time. Ford Fiesta In just 28 months, over one million units of the supermini have...

By Lupica G. on Mar 9th, 2011