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Ford Focus EV

Are you honest, interested in the environmental aspect of cars but hate the kind of image that comes with drivers of such cars? If so, you’re probably pretty interested in the new, electric version of the Ford Focus hatchback. You get...

By Lupica G. on May 21st, 2012
Tesla Model S

Here’s a twist for those who know the ways of the electric car launch, Tesla is going to start delivering the Model S earlier than expected. We haven’t really kept track of the original schedule or the delays they’ve been involved...

By Lupica G. on May 12th, 2012
Nissan Leaf

Nissan has announced that starting with December Nissan dealerships in the US will start selling the Leaf. The 2011 Nissan Leaf is the first mass-produced, all-electric, zero-emission vehicle and will have a starting price of $32.780. This price...

By Lupica G. on Mar 30th, 2010