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2013 Ford Fusion Energi

Ford knows a thing or two about fuel economy. They’re doing spectacularly well with their diesel powered Euro models and since the introduction of the EcoBoost, they’re remarkable in the US as well. When it comes to going electric...

By Lupica G. on Jan 18th, 2013
2013 Ford Fusion

Ford’s ambition when it comes to making cars for the people are well known by now so the amount of effort we’d expect them to put into the 2013 Fusion is considerable. There are plenty of aspects on which the company’s new...

By Lupica G. on Nov 9th, 2012
SEMA 2013 Ford Fusion

Currently known as the 2013 Ford Fusion, soon to also be known as the 2012 Ford Mondeo, the mid sized sedan will make itself more popular among the tuning crowd soon. SEMA 2013 Ford Fusion The SEMA show in Las Vegas will be filled to all sorts...

By Lupica G. on Oct 12th, 2012
2013 Ford Fusion

Don’t hate me for the headline. The 2013 Ford Fusion has quite the list of selling points on its side but there’s one thing in particular that stands out. It’s not the design and it’s not the various color and wheel options...

By Lupica G. on Apr 3rd, 2012
2010 Ford Fusion

Looking up the entire lineup of Fords, there’s a ton of models that manage to sell at a rate that hot cakes can do little more than be jealous. In a bit of a surprise however, the 2011 sales figures will have brought new life on yet another...

By Lupica G. on Dec 30th, 2011