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Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

Mercedes finally announced pricing for their electric version of the B-Class. The Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive is the company’s competitor in this segment, coming at a price of $41,450 in the States. It will go on sale this summer and...

By rikk on Apr 28th, 2014
Mercedes B-Class

Whenever I think about the brand Mercedes-Benz, I either picture a luxury saloon or a massive truck, and I tend to believe most others have similar pictures of the manufacturer. Still, it seems that one of the more popular models of the German...

By Andrei Cristea on Dec 24th, 2013
Mercedes Benz F-Cell

In what can only be one of the most artistically thought out marketing campaigns, Mercedes Benz plans to take a series of B-Class F-Cell vehicles and drive them around the world. Mercedes Benz F-Cell The whole idea of this campaign is to promote...

By Lupica G. on Jan 17th, 2011