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Mercedes G65 AMG by TopCar

TopCar released photos and details for a new interior treatment, this time for the Mercedes G65 AMG. To be more specific, we talk about Hamann’s model, not the stock G65 AMG. Few months ago, the Germans at Hamann unveiled the Spyridon...

By rikk on Aug 11th, 2013
Mercedes G65 AMG Spyridon

The German tuning specialists at Hamann unveiled a new program for the Mercedes G65 AMG, a package called Spyridon. It benefits from both styling and performance upgrades, features able to give the model a fresh look. At the exterior, Hamann...

By rikk on Mar 10th, 2013
Mercedes G65 AMG Widestar 800

Brabus revealed official details on the Widestar 800 kit for the 2013 Mercedes G65 AMG, a model which is scheduled to debut at the upcoming Qatar Auto Show. Taking advantage of their experience in tuning Mercedes models, the new G65 AMG gets...

By rikk on Jan 30th, 2013
Mercedes G63 AMG by A.R.T.

A.R.T. releases a new tuning kit for the Mercedes G63/65 AMG, a package able to bring quite significant styling tweaks but also a power boost. In terms of styling, the company provides a wide body kit which brings new front and rear spoilers,...

By rikk on Dec 18th, 2012
2013 Mercedes G-Class

The Germans from Mercedes decided to reveal all the important information on the two AMG models of the new G-Class SUV. As you probably know, Mercedes offers a V8-powered G63 AMG model but also a more powerful C65 AMG which will be produced...

By rikk on Apr 19th, 2012
Mercedes G55 AMG

The Germans at Mercedes are almost masters of deceit, just days after we heard about their efforts with killing off the good old G Class, they drop this bomb on us. Mercedes G55 AMG As part of the… parting with this particular Mercedes,...

By Lupica G. on May 12th, 2011