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Nissan`s S Hatchback Teased as the Pulsar Model in Europe

The Nissan Japanese based automaker has teased for the first time an image with the upcoming hatchback from the S-segment, that is supposed to be the new Pulsar model in Europe. Nissan is planning the launch the Pulsar model on the European...

By Eduard Huma on May 17th, 2014
2014 Nissan Qashqai

While still not having as much information about the new Nissan Qashqai to be unveiled next year, we come to witness spy shots more often than expected. The latest news on this chapter show us an almost completely plastic wrapped, perfectly...

By Mihai on Jul 4th, 2013
Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai, a car which seems to have been made simply to fit a gap in the market is just full of surprises. Nissan Qashqai First of all, in 2008 it became European Car of The Year and then in 2011 it managed to get past the 1.000.000...

By Lupica G. on Feb 28th, 2011