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2015 Nissan Sentra

The lovely 2015 Nissan Sentra has finally reached the shores of the United States, the model coming with an entry-level price of $16,480, without the $825 destination fees. Surely, I was quite impressed of how many features the model comes...

By Eduard Huma on Jan 6th, 2015
Nissan Altima

One of the best ways of showing that there is nothing left to say about something is to simply overlook it – a lesson that Nissan seems to be giving us these days. Now if we look into the latest report of Nissan’s product lineup targeting...

By Mihai on Jul 19th, 2013
2013 Nissan Sentra

Nissan released photos and details on the 2013 model year Sentra, a sedan which comes with increased dimensions and improved fuel consumption figures. The Japanese model is 2.3-inch longer which means more trunk space, 428 liters to be more...

By rikk on Aug 31st, 2012
2011 Nissan Sentra

Nissan faces a difficult recall today as the Japanese company is forced to repair almost 34,000 Sentra sedans built between 2010 and 2011. The issue concerns a battery cable which might not work properly causing the engine to stall. 2011 Nissan...

By rikk on Dec 21st, 2011
Nissan Foria Concept

According to a very recent report it would seem that the Japanese behind Nissan have decided that the rumored revival of the 240SX brand and to the company’s original sporty roots will be abandoned partially. Nissan Foria Concept By partially...

By Lupica G. on Sep 23rd, 2010