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Buick`s Best Sales for 2013

Buick is the best sales winner for the 2013, gaining fame and success year after year. This was the best decision that General Motors has ever made, after giving up Pontiac, Hummer or Saturn for good. Looking back at the sales from 2013, Buick...

By Eduard Huma on Jan 9th, 2014
Pontiac G8 ST concept

Pontiac is not the most popular name in the world right now. In fact, in the wake of the Detroit three’s problem, it’s not popular in the US any more. That’s not to say it’s all been lost. As reports keep coming in, GM’s...

By Lupica G. on Dec 7th, 2012
Pontiac G8 test mule

Chris Doane Automotive sent in a set of spyshots recently that are… surprising to say the least. It’s not the car we’re surprised by but the brand. As you can see, the images contain the Pontiac G8. The hot American sedan was...