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Lately, there’s a race to build highly connectable cars. Seat became a part of it and alongside Samsung and SAP SE will develop technologies for their future cars. Samsung plays the role of closing the gap between the cutting-edge mobile technology...

By Bogdan Grigorescu on Feb 23rd, 2016
2013 Renault Samsung SM3

Renault has quite the interesting product in their Megane Sedan Fluence and we’ve just received confirmation that it will receive a facelift. The French car maker didn’t say anything specific but their collaboration with a certain...

By Lupica G. on Sep 2nd, 2012
Renault Samsung SM7 Concept

Being one of Renault’s less popular collaborations and the Korean connection didn’t really grab attention to what cars they make there along side Samsung. The latest in line however is a little bit different and as the Renault Samsung...

By Lupica G. on Jun 15th, 2011