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Jaguar XE

The smaller version of the Jaguar`s lineup, the XE, has just been caught on the act while being ready for tests at the Nurburgring playgrounds. There have been a lot of rumors with an upcoming entry-level Jaguar, but it was only these days...

By Eduard Huma on Apr 27th, 2014
Jaguar X-Type

Is Britain making a comeback as a car making country? Is the island nation readying itself for a rise back to the top of the automotive industry? Judging by the sort of cars they’re making, the Formula 1 engineering center is unlikely...

By Lupica G. on Nov 22nd, 2012
2011 Jaguar XFR

The British have gone mad, mad I tell you. After MG announced their production start on the MG6, Jaguar enters the picture and they speak of two new models. 2011 Jaguar XFR These two new models aren’t going to be completely revolutionary,...

By Lupica G. on Apr 8th, 2011
2011 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar recently had an epiphany during their tea break. After a long time playing catch up, they’ve finally managed to get their luxury and sports saloons to the Germans’ standards. 2011 Jaguar XJ That’s all very nice, but...

By Lupica G. on Feb 1st, 2011