As we all know, you can always leave it to the tuning companies to make your car feel wet. And that happens even when it actually isn’t.

BMW 335i MR Car Design
BMW 335i MR Car Design

The Germans over at MR Car design have decided that one of the more popular versions of the Bavarians could be improved seriously without much fuss, so here’s what they came up with.

With the addition of stuff like a custom made sport exhaust system with sport catalysts, a larger intercooler and a remap of the ECU for the 3 liter turbocharged straight six engine now features a bump in output of, and there’s no other way of getting round this, a hundred horsepower. The climb has gone from 306 horsepower and 400 Nm to a staggering 406 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque.

Since it is a BMW the exterior tuning package is very light but it does serve up some immense 20 inch alloy wheels connected to that new suspension from KW. Besides this you will also receive some discrete eyelids and an original hood from the BMW M3.

Even though there’s no mention of price, I’m guessing this is a pretty tasty option.

BMW 335i MR Car Design BMW 335i MR Car Design BMW 335i MR Car Design