In a world where car makers need to reduce production on their plants due to excess capacity, some still seem find resources for taking the auto industry further instead of putting it on hold.

Yes, we are talking, again, about green cars and engine research, with government subvention. It happens in the United Kingdom, where the government decided to join hands with the auto industry and place 1 billion pounds – which is the equivalent of 1.5 million dollars – for engine research.

Vince Cable
Vince Cable

The eco friendly features will consist in the low-carbon special technologies that will be researched, developed and commercialized.

The future of engine research and propulsion technologies now resides in the hands of politicians and 27 other firms. The most common names of this alliance are Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover.

The name behind this engine research, the one to provide components, will be GKN. All the members of the program will come up with their own share of 500 million pounds investment for a modern and professional Advanced Propulsion Center.

Wondering what is with the sudden interest of the UK’s government in engine research? It is all for the good of the country, as politicians hope to revitalize the English auto industry by drawing in more and more worldwide famous automotive suppliers and carmakers.

Meanwhile, engine research will make it possible for over 1.700 graduates and 7.600 apprentices from the UK to find a work place within the next five years.