The Ford Mustang in its newest form has finally arrived in the United Kingdom, being available in two variants and coming with a handful of upgrades compared to last year`s model.

The new 2018 Ford Mustang is also highlighted in the video below, the muscle car bragging with the gorgeous design and performance characteristics under the hood.

Once arriving in UK next weeks, the 2018 Ford Mustang will be available in two variants – the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, which is priced at £36,645, as well as the much more potent V8 GT, for which customers will have to pay around £40,745. Each variant comes with standard features, as well as optional goodies that separate them.

First off, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost comes with the Active Performance Exhaust technology that used to equip the previous V8 models, and which allows you to keep track of the exhaust sound of the engine. Thus, if you don’t like the way it roars, then you can adjust the ‘’volume’’.

The same exhaust system comes with one-off quad-tailpipe and a Quiet mode which silences the engine in the morning or late at night; you may not want to wake-up the elders. As for performance under the hood, this particular model comes with a good 290 PS and 440 Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the much more powerful EcoBoost in the Bullit edition packs an engine revving system which uses an electronic control system that ‘’blips’’ the throttle while the driver downshifts, ensuring a smooth drive and making sure you get to hear the engine at its full potential.

Common features on both models refer to the choice of two classic exterior colours like dynamic Need for Green and Velocity Blue, as well as the high-performance B&O PLAY audio system with 1000 watts squeezed from 12 speakers.

Now sit back and relax and push the press button to see the 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Coupe in action!